Technology is the tool we use to be more efficient and make our lives easier. With YouMail you can benefit from time-saving features and better call management. Maybe you use YouMail for the convenience of checking voicemail messages through the YouMail app or by email to be more time effective rather than the tedious method of dialing in to retrieve voicemail. Or maybe you utilize filtering unimportant messages by blocking unwanted callers like telemarketers. No matter the feature you use YouMail for, it solved a problem or inconvenience you had before YouMail. Well your friends and colleagues could be experiencing the same issues you were and could benefit from using a tool like YouMail as well.

Help a friend out by referring YouMail. YouMail’s referral program makes sharing YouMail with your friends and colleagues a simple task. Not to mention a rewarding one. With every friend you refer and actively uses YouMail, you and your friend will each earn YouMail credit redeemable for a free month of YouMail’s paid subscriptions. Be the friend that shares a time-saving, convenient tool to checking messages, blocking unwanted callers, and more.

Here’s how to invite friends to use YouMail:

  1. Open the YouMail app on your mobile phone
  2. In Settings, tap Invite Friends
  3. Share your invite link via social media, text, or email and tell them how YouMail helped you!

Three easy steps and you can help a friend. You can also visit this link to invite friends online through your account.

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