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It’s no secret that we love Ting. We’ve been recommending that users whose carriers don’t support YouMail try out Ting and here’s why.

1. Ting supports YouMail.
Unlike some other cell phone providers, they offer conditional call forwarding so that you have the option to choose the voicemail service you want. As a result, YouMail’s free award-winning visual voicemail and robocall blocking becomes available to you.

2. Ting charges a truly fair price.
You only pay for the talk, text and data that you actually use. That means if you use less, you pay less! No more over-buying to avoid outrageous overhead charges. Ting also doesn’t lock you in to a contract, so you can try Ting with no strings attached.

In fact, the average Ting bill is a mere $23 a month. With our unique YouMail x Ting promo code for a free $50 credit, that’s essentially two months of free service!

3. Ting has great coverage.
They offer nationwide LTE coverage on T-Mobile and Sprint, so there’s a good chance the phone you already own will work with Ting (and you can always bring your phone number). All you need is a Ting SIM card and you’re good to go.

4. Ting takes care of its users.
At YouMail, we take customer care very seriously and Ting hits it out of the park. They offer award-winning customer support through phone, chat, email and social media.

Do yourself a favor — switch to Ting and unlock YouMail. Get your free $50 Ting credit here.

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14 thoughts on “YouMail ♥ Ting

  1. Right now i can not afford ring. How I wish I could being low income can’t. However I can tell boost they need to do something about scam spam calls. To put a program in place to protect their customers. As I receive way to many and if I am.i k ow others are too. My friend s are saying the same thing.

    1. Hello Deborah! With our partnership with Ting, you get a free $50 toward their service which should cover a free month or two of their service. Hopes this helps!

    2. I desperately agree with you!! And the research I read stated that the federal government stated it was a mandatory requirement for phone companies so I will be looking into this further!

    1. Hi there!

      We’d love to look further into that. Could you please reply directly to this email or Live Chat us at and mention this review so that we could get more information and help you out? Hope to hear from you!

  2. What if we use a lot of service could we maybe be paying more than what I would pay at metro pcs? I pay $50 total at metro every month for unlimited everything.

  3. The downside to ting is the limited data… BUT, for just $10 a month, you can use Ting’s VVM if your phone can support a second SIM card!
    …Thought that might be useful to some!

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