There is no doubt that fraudsters and scammers are constantly on the hunt for innocent victims. With the sole objective of obtaining private information that can lead to identity or monetary theft, fraudsters know all the tricks that will get people to reveal personal material. The SunCoast Credit Fraud Scam uses vishing techniques to claim fraudulent behavior on a users’ account, ultimately prompting them into immediate action and leading them to reveal private information in the meantime.

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The details of the SunCoast Credit Fraud Scam

The Suncoast Credit Union fraud alert scam is set up to take users’ personal information. The scam impersonates a security message from Suncoast Credit Union and informs the user that there has been fraudulent activity on their debit card account. The user is prompted to call a number to speak to a Suncoast Credit Union representative. With a fraud score of .80, the scam’s most called locations are Texas, Montana, Tennessee, Florida, and California. The most used numbers are 1-866-763-3367, 1-844-909-1596, 1-855-822-1242, 1-866-928-5443, 1-866-906-4133.

Actual audio the SunCoast Credit Fraud Scam

“Hello this is Suncoast Credit Union Fraud Prevention Services calling for xxxxx xxxxxx to verify recent transactions on your Suncoast Credit Union Visa Credit Card. To continue in English press one. Para continuar en Espanol oprima dos.  For all other languages press three. Thank you.”

Why the SunCoast Credit Fraud Scam is dangerous

The Suncoast Credit Union fraud alert scam is quite dangerous because it catches innocent victims off guard and puts them at risk of relinquishing personal information that can lead to either identity or monetary theft. With so much information already accessible to various organizations and people around the world, it’s difficult to determine who is trustworthy and legitimate. The Suncoast Credit Union fraud alert scammers are bad guys who want to steal your private information, which is why you should take quick action to protect yourself.

How to protect yourself from the SunCoast Credit Fraud Scam

You can protect yourself from the Suncoast Credit Union fraud alert scam by using the YouMail app, which safeguards your identity and privacy. YouMail proactively prevents scammers and fraudsters from catching you off guard, while allowing calls from trusted sources to come through. By relying on YouMail, you can resume your favorite activities with peace of mind, knowing that your privacy and sensitive information are secure.

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