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With the increasing prevalence of spam calls, it’s crucial to verify unknown numbers. YouMail offers a robust solution to help users determine the legitimacy of phone numbers. In this guide, we will explore how YouMail’s services enable users to perform reverse phone number lookups effectively and ensure safe communication.

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Why Verifying Phone Numbers is Important

Protecting Yourself from Scams

Fraudsters often use phone calls to deceive individuals into providing personal information or money. By verifying the legitimacy of a phone number, you can avoid falling victim to these scams.

Avoiding Unwanted Calls

Spam calls can be intrusive and disruptive. Verifying unknown numbers helps you decide whether to answer or block the call, reducing unwanted interruptions.

Ensuring Safe Communication

Communicating with verified contacts ensures your interactions are safe and secure, whether for personal or business purposes.

How YouMail Helps with Reverse Phone Number Lookups

Comprehensive Database

YouMail maintains a comprehensive database of known spam and scam numbers, helping users identify and avoid potential threats.

User-Submitted Reports

The YouMail community actively reports suspicious numbers, contributing to the accuracy and reliability of the database.

Integration with Call Screening

YouMail’s call screening feature automatically checks incoming calls against the database, providing real-time alerts about potential risks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Performing a Reverse Phone Number Lookup with YouMail

Step 1: Install YouMail

First, download and install the YouMail app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Create an Account

Sign up for a YouMail account and complete the setup process to enable call blocking and voicemail features.

Step 3: Access the Lookup Feature

Open the YouMail app and navigate to the reverse phone number lookup section.

Step 4: Enter the Phone Number

Input the phone number you wish to verify into the search bar and initiate the lookup.

Step 5: Review the Results

YouMail will display information about the number, including whether it has been reported as spam, its risk level, and any user comments.

Step 6: Take Action

Based on the lookup results, decide whether to block the number, report it, or save it as a trusted contact.

Known Safety Threats Related to Phone Calls


Automated calls often aim to sell products or services, but they can also be used for scams. These calls are typically pre-recorded messages and can be very persistent.

Phishing Scams

Scammers use phone calls to impersonate legitimate organizations and trick individuals into revealing sensitive information such as bank account details, Social Security numbers, or passwords.


Scammers can manipulate the caller ID to display a false number, often making it look like a trusted contact or a local number to increase the likelihood of the call being answered.


Some fraudsters impersonate friends, family members, or colleagues, using information gleaned from social media or other sources to gain trust and extract money or information.

How to Communicate Safely with YouMail

Enable Call Blocking

Use YouMail’s call blocking feature to automatically block known spam and scam numbers, reducing the risk of receiving fraudulent calls.

Use Second Phone Numbers

YouMail offers the option to use a second phone number for specific purposes, such as business or online transactions, to keep your primary number private and secure.

Activate Call Screening

Call screening helps identify and block unwanted calls before they reach you, ensuring that only legitimate calls get through.

Regularly Update Your Settings

Keep your YouMail app updated and review your settings periodically to ensure optimal protection against new and emerging threats.

Report Suspicious Numbers

Contribute to the YouMail community by reporting any suspicious numbers you encounter, helping others stay safe from similar threats.


Verifying phone numbers is a crucial step in maintaining safe communication in today’s digital world. YouMail provides powerful tools to perform reverse phone number lookups, block spam calls, and ensure your interactions are secure. By leveraging these features, you can protect yourself from scams and enjoy peace of mind while communicating.

By following these guidelines and utilizing YouMail’s robust features, you can effectively manage and verify phone numbers, keeping your communications safe and secure.

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