This week, we’re uncovering a particularly sneaky scheme that misuses the trusted name of PayPal. Known as the PayPal Phone Number Change Scam, this fraud involves sending fake alerts that claim there has been an unauthorized attempt to change the phone number or password associated with the user’s PayPal account. These alerts are designed to create a sense of urgency and panic, tricking users into thinking their accounts are under immediate threat. The scammers’ goal is to provoke quick, unthinking actions from the victims, such as clicking on malicious links or providing sensitive personal information. This scam is sophisticated and convincing, making it crucial for PayPal users to be aware of its existence and understand how it operates. Let’s explore how this scam works, the tactics scammers use, and how you can protect yourself with YouMail’s comprehensive security features.

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The details of the PayPal Phone Number Change Scam

The PayPal Phone Number Change Scam primarily targets PayPal users with a fraudulent fraud alert, tricking them into believing there has been an unauthorized attempt to change the password or phone number associated with their account. The scam aims to provoke victims into urgent actions that could compromise their personal and financial information. The fraud score of 0.98 highlights the effectiveness and prevalence of this scam. This scam was first detected in March of 2022 and has been reported in top locations like Georgia, California, Texas, New Jersey, and Florida. The most used numbers associated with this scam include 1-855-812-4430, 1-206-922-0880, 1-855-423-3729, and 1-888-221-1161.

Actual audio of the PayPal Phone Number Change Scam

“Hello Stacy, this is the PayPal Fraud Prevention line. We sent this automated call because of an attempt to change the phone number on your account. If this was not you, please press one. If it was you, you may hang up and have a great rest of your day.”

Why the PayPal Phone Number Change Scam is dangerous

The PayPal Phone Number Change Scam is particularly dangerous because it leverages the trust and reputation of a well-known financial service to deceive users. By impersonating PayPal’s fraud prevention team, scammers create a false sense of urgency, compelling victims to react quickly without verifying the authenticity of the alert. This rapid response can lead to victims unwittingly divulging sensitive personal and financial information, such as account passwords and phone numbers, which can then be used for identity theft, unauthorized transactions, and other malicious activities. The sophistication and realism of these fake alerts make it easy for even cautious users to fall prey, resulting in significant financial loss and compromised personal security.

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How to protect yourself from the PayPal Phone Number Change Scam

To protect yourself from the PayPal Phone Number Change Scam, it is essential to stay vigilant and adopt proactive security measures. Always verify the authenticity of any unsolicited calls or messages claiming to be from PayPal by contacting PayPal directly through official channels. Avoid clicking on links or providing personal information in response to unexpected alerts. Utilize advanced call screening and blocking services like YouMail, which can help identify and filter out scam calls before they reach you. YouMail’s smart caller ID and automatic fraud detection features keep you informed about potential threats, allowing you to handle suspicious calls safely. By staying informed and leveraging tools like YouMail, you can effectively safeguard your personal and financial information from scammers.

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To protect yourself from the PayPal Phone Number Change Scam, download YouMail today.

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