We’re a little bit embarrassed.   Our last update to the Android app was over three months ago, June 17th to be exact.  However, we finally have a new Android version of YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus (2.0.25), which can be downloaded from Android Market and soon from Amazon.

It should be worth the wait.

One reason it took so long is we made countless changes below the surface, all designed to make it more reliable.    But we’ve also added the same features that are driving such positive user feedback in our iPhone and BlackBerry applications:

  • Visual caller id. Now you’ll really know who your callers are – even when they’re not in your address book! You’ll see a picture, name, city and state, and number for almost every call!
  • Contact uploads. Now you can upload your contacts, link them to Facebook, and get even better Caller ID and smarter greetings. To upload contacts, tap Menu, Preferences, and Contacts. To connect to Facebook, tap Menu, Account Settings, and Connect to Facebook.

We’ve gotten positive feedback from our beta users that this version fixed all their issues and was “fun”, “fast”, and “just plain cool”.

What do you think?

One gotcha – if you’re running a version older than 1.9.4 (you can tap Help and About to find the version number), you should do a complete delete before installing the new version.