One of the most popular features on YouMail is our “Smart Greetings ®”.

Smart greetings greet incoming callers by name, like this:

Hi Mary, John can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave a message.

The idea was that smart greetings were:

  • Personal – letting callers know that you know who they are.
  • Easy – no need to record greetings in your own voice.

The way Smart Greetings work is this.  YouMail actually has a professional voice talent recording first names, starting with the most popular.  Then when an incoming call comes in, we use the phone number to figure out the caller’s name – not only looking in our user’s address book, but also in a variety of other databases.   We then assemble and play the customized smart greeting for that caller, all of this in real-time before we answer the call!

Pretty cool.   But we’re not resting on our laurels.

Over time we’ve had a lot of requests from “business” users to make our Smart Greetings even smarter.

So we’ve now created a “Business Smart Greeting ®”, which can provide our users’s first and last name and the company in the greeting, like this:

Hi Mary, you’ve reached John Smith of Coldwell Banker, who is unavailable. Please leave a message

To get this feature, just upgrade to our Business Edition. You then provide your full name and company name to be recorded (for which there is an additional one-time fee to get it recorded exactly how you want).

We’re not done with this feature yet, either – we’re working on some nice surprises we hope to get out over the next few months.