Smart Block is an intelligent addition to YouMail that serves to automatically identify spammers and “block” their calls. Spammers will be tricked into thinking they’ve reached a number that is no longer in service by being played “a number is disconnected” greeting when they call you. After continuously receiving this message spammers will refrain from calling again. Through this feature, our users will no longer be pestered by telemarketers and have more time to focus on important calls.

How does Smart Block work?

Our algorithm works to identify spam callers through analyzing call patterns made to our users. Our technology determines when an incoming call is a spammer based on cross-referencing that number’s patterns of outgoing calls and length of each voicemail message. Our YouMail community also has the capability of marking a caller as spam which will help our system block known spammers.

Our goal is to help you save time by managing your calls for you. Getting rid of spammers is our newest method of making sure only the most meaningful calls get through to you.