What is Auto-Forwarding?

Ever put your phone down somewhere and miss an important voicemail that you don’t get to for over 30 minutes? Auto-Forwarding, part of the YouMail Business plan, is our solution to this mishap. With Auto-Forwarding enabled, YouMail sends all of your unopened voicemail messages to another contact’s email. You can also enable Auto-Forwarding to send voicemails to another contact’s phone if they are also a YouMail member. Additionally, you can add a custom message to include with your auto-forwarded voicemail. For example, you could auto-forward your unopened voicemails to an assistant’s email address with a message that says, “I’m in a meeting until 2. Could you take care of this voicemail for me? Thanks!”

Benefits of Auto-Forwarding

  • Make sure voicemails are answered – If you’re at lunch but you receive a voicemail that contains time-sensitive information, make sure someone else in your department can answer it for you. Auto-Forwarding lets you instantly send unopened voicemails over to someone that can handle the message for you.
  • Stay on top of calls even on vacation – No matter how many emails and calendar notes you send out letting your department know you’re going to be on vacation, someone always seems to miss the memo. With Auto-Forwarding you can enjoy your break while also taking care of work voicemails by sending them to another team member.
  • Provide better customer service – Sometimes you miss calls from clients that rely on you to return their voicemail quickly. This isn’t always easy if you’re constantly in meetings or helping other clients. Auto-Forwarding lets you send voicemails you can’t get to soon enough to another customer service representative who can help your client out for you.
  • Update other team members – you can also use Auto-Forwarding to send all voicemails to another contact. Keep them in the loop of communications and important voicemails automatically.

How to Get Auto-Forwarding

Auto-Forwarding is a feature included in the YouMail Business plan. To upgrade to YouMail Business and utilize the Auto-Forwarding feature click here.

From the Android YouMail App

  1. Open your YouMail app and
    tap on the Menu
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on Notifications
  4. Tap on Auto-Forwarding
  5. Tap on Turn on Auto-Forwarding
  6. Customize your preferences and click on Save

From the iPhone YouMail app

  1. Open your YouMail app and tap on the Menu
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Tap on Automatic Forwarding
  4. Tap Turn on Auto-Forwarding
  5. Customize your preferences and tap on Save

From the Web

  1. Go online to YouMail.com and sign into your account
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Auto-Forwarding
  4. Click on Turn on Auto-Forwarding
  5. Customize your preferences and click on Save

With Auto-Forwarding your important voicemails should never go unnoticed. With YouMail, you can handle your calls and clients even when you’re unavailable! If you haven’t already, subscribe to YouMail Business and enable your Auto-Forwarding feature!