The New Year means new tech trends and gadgets will soon take over the next twelve months. In 2015 there were 3D printers, Apple Watches and other smart watches, and the Hoverboard. With the Consumer Electronics Show just around the corner on January 6-9, sneak previews of what’s to be revealed at the Las Vegas convention are getting everyone excited about what’s to come next year.

Here’s a look at the best new gadgets to be seen in 2016:

Sengled: Introducing smart lightbulbs. Sengled’s mission is to make use of a key household item and transform it into something that fosters more connectivity and productivity. They produce a variety of smart lightbulbs that come with HD cameras for security, Wi-Fi, and voice recognition technology.

Klaxoon: Klaxoon is a device that improves the workspace by keeping presentations, surveys, and other notes in one space. The Klaxoon box allows up to 40 members to store material. Just turn on the device and connect. Team members can then easily start polls, access presentations, and communicate with each other. Another innovative feature of Klaxoon is that it doesn’t require Wi-Fi to connect. It’s like a private, secure Wi-Fi hotspot for everyone connected to the Klaxoon box.

LG Smart TV: With there being smart devices across the board from phones to watches, it’s no surprise that the smart TV is the next big thing. LG promises to unveil an updated model of their smart TV at the CES 2016 that will have a split screen function allowing two channels to play at the same time. It will also be able to connect to your smartphone so that you can access your apps using the TV.

Spinn Coffee: This is a new approach to the craft of home-brewing coffee. Without the use of pods or filters, Spinn Coffee presents a new way of brewing coffee using centrifugal force. Using this new technology, consumers will be able to enjoy coffee in the way they like – drip, French press, or espresso, with the use of a single machine.

With over 3,000 companies exhibiting at the CES 2016, the biggest devices in the tech world will soon be changing. Look out for these tech gadgets and similar products as they give a clearer idea of what new themes in the technology will soon be dominating 2016.