With the latest YouMail for Android app update, you can navigate through the app faster and enjoy an experience that’s much more reliable and stable.

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New & Improved Functionality

1. Fixed Notifications – You’ll now receive notifications faster, and when going in and out of data service, you’ll only get notified once when you have a new message. YouMail will help you take care of messages as soon as you receive them.



2. Fixed Contacts – You can now sync your contacts with YouMail much easier and when you make edits to a contact, it will show up automatically. Your caller-ID will always display the latest information on your callers.



3. Carrier Changes – You will now be alerted right away if there are any issues with YouMail and your carrier. To save you time and trouble, you’ll be notified immediately if your phone carrier is supported or not.

4. Easier Setup – YouMail is now easier for you to setup so you can get started handling your voicemails under a couple of minutes. You can also easily revert back to your carrier voicemail if you ever decide to leave YouMail.

5. Bluetooth & Audio – You can now use Bluetooth and Audio controls without it interfering with your other apps. YouMail lets you listen to your voicemails in a way that works best for you.

6. Improved Performance – YouMail now runs faster than ever so you can stay on top of your missed calls and voicemails right when you get them.

7. Fixed tons of bugs and stabilized the app significantly.

We’re always looking for ways to make YouMail better for your Android, and want to continue providing you with the service you love! Let us know how you like the new and improved YouMail ([email protected]) and stay tuned for future releases!

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