It used to be relatively easy to avoid scam calls — you simply ignored incoming calls that didn’t show a caller id. But now the scammers have gotten more sophisticated and have found new ways to target their victims. And it’s starting to interfere with getting business done.

In his latest post to Medium, YouMail CEO, Alex Quilici, shares his experience of being targeted by a scam caller when it was least expected. How could a perfectly normal call from an LA phone number actually turn out to be a foreign phone scammer in disguise? What was allowing phone scammers to change their caller ID and effectively target millions of consumers across the nation?

In a 5 step guide to guarding yourself against scam callers, Alex uncovers the truths behind the masterminds of phone scams and how they are able to continue making their calls.

His guide gives clear cut advice on what to listen for when you’re dealing with a potential scammer and how to avoid falling into their trap.

Get all the details and the full guide on Medium by clicking here.