Being productive doesn’t always have to be about getting work done the fastest or meeting all of your deadlines ahead of schedule. There are plenty of good habits you can add to your daily routine to make sure you’re improving your productivity a little at a time each day. One of these tricks is simple and you’ll enjoy taking time out of your day to accomplish it too.

Keeping up to date with news in your job industry is crucial to knowing what to focus on when it comes to increasing your customers’ engagement with your company. Even on a small scale, if you’re able to see what’s becoming big news in your industry you can expect to know where your future projects will be taking you next. As online journalism becomes more and more popular with everyone from students to business professionals, it’s extremely helpful to know where you can go to find news that directly relates to you.

Here Are 5 Great Apps to Keep You Updated with Industry News:

OPN news
Who It’s For: OPN news gives you the latest and greatest in the world of optics, science, education, technology and business.

What you’ll find in the app: Latest issues, extensive archive, captivating images, and blog updates

Where to get it: Android iOS

CNN Money
Who It’s For: Get all the breaking news and trends relating to business, money, and finance

What You’ll Find In The App: Real-time market data, personalized watchlists, data on world markets

Where To Get It: Android iOS 


Who It’s For: Find all you need to new about upcoming technology, rising startups, breaking tech news, new internet products

What You’ll Find In The App: Free access to all web content, latest tech news hitting social media, Trending topics

Where To Get It: Android iOS


Who It’s For: Everyone. Ted covers topics from science to global issues to business

What You’ll Get In The App: Entire TED Talks library, notifications of new talks, playlists

Where To Get It: Android iOS 

Bloomberg Business

Who It’s For: Learn all the latest about the economy, emerging markets, commodities, currencies, and personal finance

What You’ll Get In The App: Latest market data, track and analyze personal holdings, videos

Where To Get It: Android iOS

When you need a quick break during work or want to catch up on some reading before bed, take a look through one of these apps and get yourself in the mindset for future success!

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