From gaming to social media – apps are the answer for everything these days. If you’re looking for new ways to increase your productivity levels, there are plenty of apps that can help you improve your work habits and get your work done faster.

Here are the 10 Apps You Should Be Using to Boost Productivity:

  1. Asana – Asana is a task managing app that helps you keep track of your different projects in a simple and organized list. In each individual task, you can attach files, leave comments and collaborate with other team members, set due dates, and add new tasks. Asana makes it simple for you to get the latest update of all your tasks from wherever you are.
  2. Dropbox – You’re probably already using Dropbox. But have you downloaded the mobile app on your smartphone yet? If not, download it now because it’s a must have. With Dropbox, you can have access to all of your files, save new files, share folders, and edit Microsoft Office files from your phone – which are all super important for working remotely or when you’re meeting with clients.
  3. Evernote – Evernote is another top productivity tool because of how much you can do with it. You can use Evernote to write notes, to-do lists, attach files to keep research organized, and even collaborate with other team members. The app also comes with in app chat messaging and gives you the ability to share your notes with others.
  4. Buffer – If you want to be productive, you need Buffer to help manage your social media. Use this app to make posts for all of your different social media sites, get analytics for each social update, and schedule posts in advance to go out automatically. Using Buffer saves time and keeps your posts organized.
  5. Pomodoro Timer – Pomodoro Timer helps you boost productivity by training you to use your time wisely. Basically, you start a task you need to get done and use Pomodoro Timer to manage how you spend your time on it. You can customize your work and break lengths, choose your alarm sounds and have your daily progress reset each day.
  6. CamScanner – This app helps you scan docs into clear images and PDFs that you can email, fax, print or save to the cloud. CamScanner is especially handy for meetings. If you need to save a diagram that your regular camera would have a hard time capturing or you can’t copy by hand, use CamScanner instead.
  7. Mint – Every productive person needs to know how to manage their finances. Use Mint to organize your expenses, financial accounts, and create a personalized budget that’ll help you save more money over time. Other features include automatic categorization of banking and credit card transactions, bill reminders, and the ability to see how you’re spending your money over time.
  8. Flipboard – Flipboard is your personal magazine app that holds all the different types of news stories that you want to read about. You can create magazines based on content and save different stories and images for perfectly organized research. Get top industry news every morning and even share stories with your team using group magazines.
  9. Pocket – Pocket lets you easily find all the stories, videos, infographics, etc. that you wanted to look at during the day but didn’t have time to. If you find an article that could be relevant to an upcoming project but you don’t need it immediately, save it to Pocket and instantly find it when you need to.
  10. YouMail – YouMail is the app you need to stay on top of your communications. YouMail’s visual voicemail gives you an easy-to-scan, searchable inbox containing all of your voicemail messages and missed calls. With the Essential (free) Plan, you can store up to 100 voicemail messages, archive and organize your messages like email, create custom folders, and forward your voicemail to an email address or share on social media. Plus, get rid of telemarketers and other unwanted callers by playing them a “number disconnected” message.

Start downloading these top 10 apps to boost your productivity. With the right apps, you’ll be getting the job done no matter where you are.