It always seems like whenever you don’t have your phone on you is when you receive the most calls. So you return from wherever it was that you were without your phone – maybe you were in a meeting or at the beach because you’re on vacation – and you find yourself with a screen full of notifications. Maybe you’ve got several missed calls, a couple voicemail messages, and plenty of text messages asking, “where are you?” or “call me back” depending on how long you’ve been away from your phone.

Well there’s an easy fix to that sigh of frustration you just let out after seeing all those notifications on your phone. It’s called Status Greeting.

Status Greeting is one of the many other ways you’ll be a more productive person with the YouMail Business Plan. It allows you to tell callers the second they hear your voicemail greeting why you’re unavailable and when you’ll be back. Instead of saying you’re ‘currently unavailable’ it’ll tell callers you’re ‘currently in a meeting’ for example. No confusion, playing phone tag, or frustrated callers. Everyone is on the same page.

Here Are 5 Instances When You Need Status Greeting:

  1. When you’re in a meeting: Sometimes meetings run on time… and sometimes they overextend their stay by a couple hours. Without Status Greeting, colleagues will start calling the second they assume your meeting is over. With Status Greeting, your voicemail greeting will continue to let callers know you’re in a meeting until you turn it off. Or if you know exactly how long your meeting will last – you can choose to have your Status Greeting expire at a certain time. It’ll also tell your callers how long you’ll be in that meeting for. Which is great for clients or personal contacts trying to get in touch with you.
  2. When you’re on vacation: Keep work voicemail messages from overflowing your inbox. Sometimes colleagues don’t know the days you’re out and will call you without realizing you’re away. Your voicemail greeting will remind your coworkers that you’re unavailable and keep them from becoming frustrated when you don’t answer their call.
  3. When you’re at an appointment: Taking some time away from your phone for a doctor’s appointment isn’t something your coworkers or clients will know about. You can keep them in the loop without revealing too much personal info. Your status will just inform callers you’re ‘at an appointment’ and they’ll know you can’t take their call.
  4. When you’re with a client: There are two great things about this status. One, if your coworker is trying to reach you and your Status Greeting tells them you’re with a client they’ll know not to leave you 3 missed calls. And two, if another client or potential client calls they’ll hear from your status that you have another client. It’ll build your credibility because it shows that multiple people want to do business with you.
  5. When you’re driving: This status will keep your callers in the loop and also help you be a safer driver. Often, when we receive a call while we’re driving, we’re tempted to answer it or text them back saying you’re driving. This of course puts you in danger of not focusing your full attention on the road. Instead, with your Status Greeting, callers will know right away that you can’t answer the phone. You won’t have to take out your phone and risk something happening.

There are tons of other great Status Greetings you can use to keep in touch with your callers even when you can’t answer their calls. Upgrade to the Business Plan today to unlock Status Greeting and take better care of your callers while also saving yourself time going through missed calls and messages.

If you are already on the YouMail Business Plan, setting up Status Greeting is easy!

In The App –

  1. Go to the menu and tap Greetings
  2. Tap the symbol of a gear at the top right
  3. Tap Change Status
  4. Choose your status and when you want it to expire

On The Web –

  1. Log in at and click on the Greetings tab
  2. Choose My Status from the menu bar on the left
  3. Click the icon of a pencil to change your status
  4. Choose your status and when you want it to expire