It’s no secret that phone calls play a vital role in shaping the growing success of your small business or helping you get more clients as a real estate agent. But sometimes you can’t answer every call you get. How do you let clients know you care even when you can’t take their call?

With YouMail, your voicemail greeting will give callers a much more personalized experience. When you add a new client to your contacts list, any time they reach your voicemail greeting YouMail will address them by name. This will give them special treatment even if you can’t answer your phone.

Why is this important? You can stand out in a crowd. With Smart Greeting, clients will know you are up to date on current technology, professional, and value giving your clients a great experience whenever they contact you.

Smart Greeting is Great For

  • Reassuring clients that you care about their call
  • Giving personal contacts a voicemail greeting that they can enjoy
  • Keeping a professional yet personal greeting for colleagues

How to Get Smart Greeting

Smart Greeting comes with your YouMail Essential Plan (which is 100% free) and is already your default greeting. There’s nothing to setup!

To View Your Greeting:

App –

  1. Open the YouMail app
  2. Tap the main menu
  3. Tap Greetings

Web –

  1. Sign in to your YouMail account at
  2. Click here to go to your Greetings page