Giving callers fast responses is crucial for any small business owner or realtor. If you can’t quickly get in touch with a client that has a pressing question, you’ll likely find yourself dealing with an unhappy customer later on.

YouMail answers your problems with Auto-Reply.

Auto-Reply sends your missed callers an instant text message or email with your custom away message.

Auto-Reply is great for:

  1. Clients – Let clients know you can be reached at a better time or include an alternative way to contact you such as your email and website.
  2. Potential Clients – Give potential clients a unique calling experience that will give them more reason to await your callback.

Auto-Reply is included in the YouMail Essential Plan (100% free!) but has even more functionalities as part of the YouMail Business Plan.

Auto-Reply on the YouMail Business Plan Includes:

  • Customizable links to your social media sites, website, and more
  • A longer away message
  • Your company logo and photo will be included in your digital business card

How to Setup Your Auto-Reply

Web –

  1. Login to your YouMail account at
  2. Click here to customize your settings 

App –

  1. Open your YouMail app, go to your menu, tap Settings
  2. Tap Automatic Replies and customize your settings

Auto-Reply can help you keep clients satisfied, show them you care, and also keep potential clients interested.