This morning, we came across this amusing chart (from this article).

Basically, US wireless carriers let you can save your voicemail messages between 14-30 days, or 30-40 days if you’re willing to pay more.

Wow. That might have been cool in the 80s, but it’s annoying now.

At YouMail, we don’t want to toot our horn too loudly.  But our completely free service blows this away. It lets you:

  • Save up to 100 messages forever.  In fact, we save them for you automatically, unless you delete them.
  • Organize messages in folders. So if your family and friends call you and leave you a bunch of nice birthday messages, you can easily create a folder called “birthday” and save them there  (To create folders, you can use our online inbox or our iPhone app, and we’re planning on adding this to our BlackBerry and Android apps soon.)
  • Download any or all voicemail onto your computer.

While lots of voicemail is pretty fleeting, it’s nice to know with YouMail you can save the ones that matter – and that they’re really saved.