Visual voicemail has been described as “See, Scroll, Play”. See a list of who called, scroll to the one you care about, and then play it.

Pretty cool.

Though, honestly, the “See” part has been pretty weak. You usually see a number, and maybe a name, if you’re lucky and the caller is in your address book.  And that’s it.

Not any more. YouMail has just changed all that, with our updated iPhone app (1.9.41), now live in the App Store

Now “seeing” means a meaningful image for every missed caller, and a name for most missed callers, even when they’re not in your address book. Now you really will see a credit card when a credit card company calls. Or the Nissan logo when the car dealer rings. Or a person’s Facebook photo.   And we do this even if they hang up and don’t leave a message.

YouMail has some real intelligence now that takes care of most of this automatically – and it’s improving every day.   And of course, you can make it even better by tapping “settings” in the app and providing YouMail with your address book information and your friends on Facebook.

We think using YouMail instead of the default iPhone visual voicemail is like going from black and white to color TV.  But try it out and tell us what you think.

(By the way, if you get “internal server error”, it just means too many people are uploading contacts at once.  We are aware and we’re throwing more horsepower at it.)