It’s no secret that RIM is struggling now – with BlackBerry rapidly losing market share. And that’s causing lots of app developers to bail on BlackBerry.

Well, we’re happy to say that we’re continuing to improve our BlackBerry version of YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus. We know we have a very large and very dedicated base of BlackBerry users, and we think you’ll like our newest update (2.5.17). The new update makes the app more reliable, faster, and better looking. And it adds several new features:

  • Visual caller id. Now you’ll really know who your callers are – even when they’re not in your address book! You’ll see a picture, name, city and state, and number for almost every call!
  • Contact uploads. Now you can upload your contacts, link them to Facebook, and get even better Caller ID and smarter greetings. To upload contacts, hit Menu, Settings, and Upload Contacts. To connect to Facebook, hit Menu, Settings, Account, and Connect to Facebook.
  • Faster playing. You can now hit the “space bar” to play a message- no more scrolling to the play button.

We know we still have more work to do, but our beta users have told us that this release was “a massive improvement”. What do you think?

You can get it here, from BlackBerry App World.

One gotcha – we’re not supporting the oldest BlackBerries, so this update is only 5.0 and later.