We recently added a “one-tap ditch” feature to our Android and iPhone apps.  This feature lets users ditch a caller easily, where ditching a caller means that all calls from that caller go straight to voicemail and they hear “This number is out service” complete with the “doo-doo-doo” SIT tones. People ditch a caller because they don’t want calls from that number any more – and often, when the caller hears the SIT tones it takes them off of their calling lists.

We were looking for insights into how ditching was being used, which led us to pull the most ditched numbers to see just what was motivating our users to use this feature.   Without further ado, here’s the “top 10” list for last week, which basically turns out to be debt collectors, and scammers pretending to be debt collectors.

  • 336-856-2901 – NCC Debt Recovery
  • 800-684-8429 – HSBC
  • 972-378-3660 – Capital One Auto Finance
  • 804 217 7156 – Capital One Collection
  • 800 503 2463 – Fingerhut Credit
  • 800 555 0433 – Fake Chase Scam
  • 888 222 4227 – Drive Financial Collections
  • 866 929 5307 – Fake Capital One Scam
  • 866 929 5306 – Fake Capital One Scam
  • 866 847 4958 – Fingerhut Collections

(BTW, the names in the list are what our community of users have decided is most appropriate for these callers.)

A number isn’t necessarily unwanted just because it makes lots of calls.  We’re sure United Airlines calls an amazing number of people with flight alerts, and those folks are happy to hear from them.  But for a number to make our top 10 list, it means it’s ditched a lot, which means not only is it making a lot of calls, but those calls are making people really unhappy.

We have over 60,000,000 calls/month coming to YouMail, and YouMail has ditched roughly 10,000,000 callers, so we think this sample is highly liked to be America’s least wanted callers – at least for this week.