We have a new version of WhoAreYou, our Android caller id and call blocking app.  It has several major changes, driven by your user feedback.

  1. You told us that WhoAreYou’s design was “ugly”, “unpleasant”, “out of date”, and a host of more derogatory terms.  So we gave it a complete facelift.
  2. You had different viewpoints on how WhoAreYou’s caller ID popup should work.  So we added two settings (accessible through the vertical dots on the title bar), where you can control how big it is (full size or mini) and when it appears (always, or just when the caller isn’t a contact).   We also added a tab you can tap to expand/shrink it on any incoming call.
  3. You told us you accidentally ditched your spouses, bosses, kids, clients, and more.  Yikes.  So we added a confirmation screen when ditching.
  4. You told us to do better at identifying spammers.  So we made it easy to check a box to report spammers when ditching a call.   And we now use these reports to highlight spam callers – so as more people report spam, we get better at warning you about them.

And there’s also one new feature.  We’ve added a “reply” button to send a quick txt message to your callers, right from WhoAreYou.  It pops up a screen with  default text (basically, “Busy, will call/txt later”), which you can edit and then send.

We’re listening – so please let us know what else we need to change in the app.  Our scalpels are at the ready.