We’d love to have YouMail on every platform – so that every device, everywhere, has an optimized YouMail app for it.

But with a small team, we just can’t do it all. In fact, we have our hands full with our iPhone app and our Android app, and we had to drop support for BlackBerry

So we are always pleased when we see a talented developer use our api to produce a solid version of YouMail for another platform. The latest is MagikMail for Windows 8. Those of you with Windows Phones may recognize the name, as there have been MagikMail apps for those devices for some time.

We’re particularly pleased to see this come out for Windows 8, as Windows 8 is getting serious traction, and is now on roughly 4% of the PCs that surf the web, which is comparable to the number of iOS devices now out there. Anyways, download it and check it out – we think you’ll like it. We know we do.