We’ve just released a major update to our iPhone app.

This one is really focused on greetings, and making that experience simpler and more intuitive.






It’s now really easy to see and change which greetings people hear.

  • The greetings tab clearly shows which greeting is the default, and you can easily change to a new greeting, even one you record yourself.
  • Contacts show the greeting that contact hears, and you can just tap to switch to a different greeting.

We’ve also been studying how our users use our app, and added some “long press” shortcuts to speed up the most common tasks.

  • In the Message/Hangup tabs, a long press on any entry pulls up the reply menu.
  • In the Greetings tab, a long press on any greeting makes it the default.
  • In the Contacts tab, a long press on a Youmailers goes straight to recording a voicemail for them, a long press on a ditched caller unditches, and a long press on a contact calls them.

We made a long list of other improvements too, but a couple of the bigger ones are:

  • On the “More” tab, “Activate Youmail” now lets you easily have YouMail call you and leave a voicemail, so you’re confident it’s working.
  • On the “People” tab, the menu lets you upload contacts and connect to Facebook.   And individual contact pages now let you easily call or txt that contact, right from the app.
  • There’s a new icon, that was selected by our Facebook fans.

We also fixed many of the bugs you reported – and whatever crashes we saw show up in the Apple crash logs.

Let us know what you think of these improvements.  As usual, we’re already working on the next release!