Last we heard, there were nearly 4 million people with Verizon’s Digital Voice on their home phones.


While Digital Voice comes with voicemail, and even includes cool features like voicemail to e-mail, it doesn’t support key YouMail features, like smart greetings, auto-replies, voicemail sharing, and more.   And it doesn’t support unifying your home and cell voicemail in a single easy to use message box.

So we’ve had a lot of requests to figure out how to make Digital Voice work with YouMail.  It turns out it’s pretty straightforward:

  1. Get YouMail Business Edition.   This allows you to have multiple lines for your account, and provides you with a personal access number, among other features.
  2. On your Verizon Digital Voice phone dial the following codes:
    • *90 personal access number
    • *92 personal access number

(Any YouMail user can find their personal access number on the YouMail web site.)

The *90 sets all busy calls to go to YouMail; the *92 sends the calls you don’t answer.

These codes aren’t documented, but they appear to work in the several regions where we’ve been able to test them.

That’s it.  Now you can have the best voicemail on the planet for your home line as well.