Our free voicemail service lets you organize your voicemail messages in folders.



That’s because we let you keep up to 100 messages, more or less forever – at least as long as you’re actively using YouMail.

And having an inbox with that many messages can be messy.

By default, you get three folders besides your inbox:

  • Trash.   When you delete a voicemail, it’s really just moved here, and then 30 days later it’s purged.  This gives you time to recover an accidentially deleted voicemail.
  • Spam.   When YouMail thinks a voicemail is “spam”, it automatically puts it here.   (You can white-list a number by simply creating a contact with that caller id.)
  • Saved.  You can save important messages here, so they’ll stay forever, and won’t clog your inbox.

What’s really cool is that you can also create your own voicemail folders.   For example, “Family” to save great voicemails from your family, or “ToDo” for voicemails that you have to deal with, or even “Clients” for important voicemails from your clients.

Finally, if you want to store more than 100 messages, just upgrade to our personal edition or business edition services for virtually unlimited voicemail storage.