Our goal with YouMail has always been to become your trusted call-handling assistant – so you can rely on us to handle more and more of your calls.

Well, as of today, we’re one big step closer.

YouMail can now automatically tell your callers not only who you are, but what you’re up to, and when you’re available again.   For example:

“Hi Olivia, Mark Smith of Coldwell Banker is with a client until 4pm.  Please leave a message.”

That’s right – we’ve extended the business version of our smart greeting to not only identify you in detail, but also let people know what you’re doing and when you’re available again.

These are called status greetings, and the way it works is really simple:


Once you set your status, incoming callers will hear it, until you’re done with that activity. No more lost business because clients didn’t know when you could call them back, or why you couldn’t take your call.  And no more angry friends who think you’re just ignoring them.

Want to try it out? Just sign up for YouMail Business Edition.   For now, status greetings are only supported on our iPhone app, but will be coming on our Android app very soon.   (For those of you with an Android phone that can’t wait, you can also set and update status through our mobile and desktop websites.)

We have a plan for where we want to take this feature, but we would love to get your feedback on what you think we should do next with it.  Let us know!