Auto-reply to callers

We’re often asked: “Why are so many people replacing their iPhone voicemail with YouMail’s iPhone app?  After all, the iPhone already has visual voicemail”.


Lots and lots of reasons, but here are top 5:

  1. YouMail stores voicemail in the cloud.  That means you can have visual voicemail on your iPad or your computer, too.  You can get even get your voicemail by e-mail
  2. YouMail treats callers better.  By default YouMail greets callers by name or with personalized greetings, and it can send automatic replies by txt or e-mail.
  3. YouMail helps really get rid of unwanted callers, like telemarketers or ex’s.  You can easily ditch callers, which plays a “this number is out of service” message and doesn’t let them leave voicemails.  Great for getting rid of telemarketers and ex’s.
  4. YouMail’s free service lets you save up to 100 messages forever, organized neatly in folders.  That’s way better than 3 messages, deleted after 30 days.  You can also share voicemails easily and every day we see voicemails posted to facebook or twitter.
  5. YouMail can provide voicemail to text.  Human operators transcribe your voicemails so you can read them easily.

Did we miss anything?  Tell us the top reason you have YouMail on your iPhone.