One of our big requests is that people want to use YouMail on their home phone.


We’re happy to report that we now support a collection of different home and VOIP services, including Time Warner Cable Digital Phone, Cox Digital Telephone, Vonage, Charter Digital Phone, Verizon Home Phone,  AT&T UVerse Voice, and AT&T Residential.

The overall process is simple:

  1. Get YouMail Business Edition
  2. Decide whether you want your home voicemail delivered to a single cell phone or to multiple user cell phones (like a husband and wife), and decide whether you want the same greeting for your home and cell.
    • If it’s a single user and you want the same greeting, just go to the existing YouMail account and add the new phone as an additional line.
    • If it’s going to be shared voicemail box, or you want a different greeting, create a new account for the home number, setup auto-forwarding to deliver each incoming voicemail to your various cell phones, and setup your home-specific greeting
  3. Follow the call forwarding instructions below (the number to forward to will be here on the YouMail web site).

Here are the forwarding instructions for the currently supported residential carriers.

  • AT&T Residential
    • Call 800.620.6000 and ask them to set up call forward busy/no answer to the YouMail access number.
  • AT&T Uverse Digital Phone
    • Dial *90 and the access number, followed by a #
    • Dial *92 and the access number, followed by a #
  • Charter Digital Phone
    • Call 1-888-438-2427 and ask them to set up call forward busy/no answer to the YouMail access number.
  • Time Warner Cable Digital Phone
    • Go to and register with your TWC account and number.
    • Go to settings, and adjust call forward no answer and call forward busy to ring the YouMail access number, then save.
  • Verizon Digital Voice
    • Dial *90 followed by the access number.
    • Dial *92 followed by the access number.
  • Vonage
    • Login into your Vonage account
    • Select Features tab, then configure in the call forwarding section.
    • Select enable call forwarding<
    • Choose a “Rings For” option for the number of rings before forwarding to YouMail.

Enjoy! And please tell us which carriers we may have missed. We know Comcast doesn’t support the needed call forwarding hooks, but what other home phone providers are out there that might work with YouMail?