Apple’s ios7 has added “call blocking” – which when combined with YouMail is just about guaranteed to get rid of stalkers, telemarketers, and ex’s.

There are two steps.

First, block the caller on the iPhone.   Just tap “recents” in the Phone app, find the problematic caller, and tap “block this caller”.   This causes every call from that caller to go straight to voicemail, without your phone ringing.


Second, use YouMail to make them think your number is out of service, so they stop calling (and your voicemail doesn’t fill up with unwanted messages).

All of you have to do is:

  1. Download YouMail and make it your voicemail.
  2. Ditch the offender, by simply tapping people, ditched, and “ditch this caller”.

Now your unwanted callers will hear “do-do-do This number is out of service”.



A few calls and they’ll get the message (and you won’t get any more of theirs).