We’ve released a major new update of the YouMail iPhone app.

We got a lot of feedback on the previous update, which basically netted out to this:

“We love the features, and the app looks better and is easier to use, but too often the app runs slows, freezes up, or crashes”.

So we’ve focused on finding and fixing those problems.  Unfortunately that necessitated rewriting large portions of the app.   But, so far, in our own use, it’s dramatically faster and much less prone to crashing.

The good news is that this update is not all bug removal.   We also have a surprise new feature: voicemail notes.


A voicemail note lets you annotate an important message (“Call them back after 9/15”, or “Wonderful Happy Birthday from my niece”).   To add or view a note, just tap the notebook on any voicemail page

We also added several other key features:

  • New “swipe” gestures on the message list to move a message to a folder or quickly delete it.
  • It’s now fast and easy to purge or move every item in a folder.

By the way, we also continue to work on the user interface for this app.   Poke around the greetings and people tabs to see some of these improvements.