Zact is a new no-contract wireless service that’s designed to let you have flexibility and control:

  • You can create your own mix of voice, data, and texts, and you can change it anytime – instantly right on your device.  
  • You have a common pool of voice, texts and data, and you can share it with any other Zact device. 
  • You also never have to worry about buying too much because Zact has a ‘Never Overpay Guarantee’ that credits money back to your account if you’ve bought more than you need.

A very cool concept that will save you lots of money.

Another cool thing about Zact is their voice mail, which is a special version of YouMail.

Zact realized that YouMail is by far the best voicemail solution on the market today.   So they decided to include it for free for all their users.  Every Zact user gets all these great features:

  • Voicemail to Email. Now all your voicemail messages can be handled just like email:  forward, reply, archive, search, and more. Super handy.
  • Any-device access to voicemail.   Manage their voicemail not only on the phone, but also on tablets or computer – just by visiting
  • Custom greetings.   Effortlessly switch between greetings with just a few taps.  Use the YouMail Smart Greeting that automatically greets everyone by name or personalize greetings for every caller.  Even easily choose user-created greetings from the YouMail greetings community.
  • One-touch call ditching.  Permanently and easily block unwanted callers from leaving voicemail and make them think you’re line is out of service.
  • Visual Caller ID.  For many callers, even those not in your contact list, see a handy name and image, like a business’s name and logo.

All these great features and more are combined with  Zact’s great customer support to help with any issues along the way!

Zact is the future of mobile – revolutionizing not only what you get and what you pay for, but also providing great services like YouMail right out of the gate.   Try it out.  We have!