YouMail relies on missed call forwarding to replace your existing voicemail service.   Fortunately, more and more carriers support it. That means for a whole host of landlines and VOIP providers, you can completely replace your voicemail with YouMail.

Unfortunately, there are still some laggard carriers who don’t support missed call forwarding.  The biggest names include Comcast (residential phone), MagicJack, and Google Voice, along with a long list of office PBXs.

However, we now have a work around that automatically puts the voicemail captured by many of these carriers into your YouMail inbox.

It works by taking the voicemail to e-mail features these services provide and redirecting those e-mails to YouMail.   Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Change the e-mail address where their service sends voicemail to TN@my.youmail.comTN is your youmail account telephone number.  This e-mail address is your YouMail Drop Box.
  2. Put the e-mail address those services use to send e-mail (such as [email protected]) in your YouMail contact list.  This white lists that address.  (Otherwise, YouMail will treat any message to the YouMail Drop Box as spam by default unless you white list it).

Voila, you’re done.   Your old voicemail service will still answer – so you won’t be able to use smart greetings for those callers or ditch unwanted callers with out-of-service messages.  But the voicemails will all show up in your YouMail inbox, so you can take advantage of all the other great features like:

  • YouMail’s visual caller ID identifying these calls.
  • Getting all your voicemail in a single mailbox, accessible on any device.
  • Saving messages forever, organized in folders, and sharing them effortlessly.
  • Discarding unwanted caller messages automatically.

We’re working to support more and more providers.  Let us know what other voicemail services you want to replace with YouMail.