Today, we’re launching an invite-only, limited beta of a new service called YouRang.

YouRang is a variant of YouMail designed to help individuals and small businesses better handle leads that come from publishing their phone number(s).  Some examples:

  • Putting a phone number in a business’s online or offline advertising.
  • Putting different phone numbers in different ads to track where leads are coming from.
  • Having ads in real-estate publications, each listing having a different number for people to call.
  • Havings different numbers in different regions, so prospects from different regions need only dial a local number.
  • And the list goes on!

When you’re a big business, prospects who call the phone number can be sent to a call center.   When you’re a small business, you are the call center!   Except that you’re so busy, you may not be able to answer.  And nothing is worse than a hard-to-get inbound prospect turning in to your competitor’s customer because they had a crummy experience when they called you.

So – what does YouRang do?

  • It gives your callers a great experience, even when you can’t answer the phone.  They’re personally greeted, told why you couldn’t answer the phone, and given an option to connect to someone if they’re available.
  • It automatically responds to leads with further information and other ways to contact you.  They’re texted back immediately, with links to your e-mail and appropriate web sites for them to pursue their request further.
  • It captures their full contact information, so you really know who they are, rather than just having a phone number and a message to work with.
  • It gives you full reporting on your prospects.

And a whole lot more! 

Sign up for our invite-only beta now – and don’t lose your hard-to-get inbound prospects.