We obviously want everyone to use YouMail forever.

But if you decide to go back to your wireless carrier’s voicemail service (boo hoo!), deleting our app is not enough.  When you first ran the app, you dialed a special code to forward your missed calls to us.   To return to your carrier, you also need to dial a code to stop forwarding your missed calls to us.   We provide several choices on how to do that:

  • Dial the YouMail Deactivate contact we create when you first run the YouMail app.
  • In the YouMail apps, tap “return to carrier” in the settings menu (“more” on iPhone, “preferences”, then “account” on Android).
  • Dial the special code to turn off call forwarding.  It differs for each carrier (see this list of codes).
  • Log in to youmail.com, tap settings, and the “close my account”, which will walk you through the process.

And if you decide to leave, please tell us why – so we can make our service better and better over time.

By the way, you might be wondering: why can’t you guys do this for me automatically when I delete the app?   Are they trying to force me to stay on YouMail?   And the answer is simple: No, we want you to be happy.  The problem is that Apple and Google’s app stores do not automatically tell us when an app is deleted.