Blocked and unknown callers can be very annoying.  YouMail’s premium  privacy guard features help tackle that problem.

The way Privacy Guard works is simple: it forces people to expose their caller id to leave a message.   Anyone who doesn’t expose their number when they call hears something like this, “The person you’ve called is protected by YouMail Privacy Guard.  To leave a message, please enter your 10-digit phone number on your telephone keypad.”

This will keep your voice mail box totally free from messages from people who aren’t willing to let you know who they are.   The nice thing is that many of the blocked callers will happily enter their phone number to get through to you.

However, what it doesn’t do is prevent your phone from ringing – at least not right away.   When a blocked caller calls, it will still ring, but usually after callers get this message a few times, they give up and stop calling!

So get privacy guard and have a little patience – you’ll seen your blocked callers reduced to a trickle.