We’ve just updated our Android app to fix the issues we were hearing the most about.




The highlights:

  • Adding and editing contacts is now much easier.  We completely agree that it was torture before.
  • Connectivity should be much improved, and there’s now an easy way to quickly diagnose any issues.  That way you (and us) can figure out if a problem is in your phone, your data or wifi connection, our servers, or who knows what in between.
  • Signup is faster and easier.   The app now pre-populates the forms from the phone’s profile.
  • Auto-reply is simpler.  The auto-reply settings are now available in the app vs. having to go to a confusing mobile browser experience.  The resulting automatic replies also look a lot better and more readily understandable.
  • Missed call forwarding works better.  The app automatically prompts you to update your forwarding if your access point changes or has problems.
  • It’s much less likely to crash.  We’ve put in a ton of bug fixes and some tools to help us more quickly find and fix any future crashes.

Tell us what you think!    Did we miss anything you wanted to see fixed as soon as possible?