This week, we’re shining the spotlight on the voice-to-text feature! Voice-to-text is an add-on feature that transcribes your voicemails into a readable form that you can access from wherever you are: as a text message, email, from the YouMail app on your phone or by visiting your YouMail account online.

There are two types of voicemail transcriptions: human and machine. With human transcription, spliced pieces of your voicemail are sent to professionals to transcribe. But don’t worry, your privacy is maintained because no personal info is included with the audio. With machine edited transcription, your voicemail is sent through voice-recognition software that transcribes the message into text when you receive it.




Waste no more time listening to long messages or filtering through a list of voicemails to find the one you need. Has anyone ever left you a voicemail with a number to call back, but you didn’t have pen and paper to write it down? Instead of replaying the voicemail, just read it as a text message and save yourself the trouble of having to copy down that number in the first place.

Simple, convenient voicemail as it should be. Getting to important voicemail messages shouldn’t be a hassle or take longer than a few seconds. Voice-to-text can help you get to your messages easier so that you can get back to your life faster.