Our goal at YouMail is to help you handle all of your calls – even the ones you don’t want! For all of the telemarketers, crazy exes, or stalkers you might have, Smart Block is here to save the day.

On most smart phones, blocking a caller simply means that their call will go straight to voicemail. But when you ditch a caller using YouMail, they won’t even get this option.


So what does Smart Blocking do?

  • Prevents ditched callers from being able to leave you a message
  • Plays a “number is disconnected” greeting to ditched callers so that they won’t try to reach you again
  • Gives you the option to choose your own ditched greeting from our library of greetings

Don’t let telemarketers and other unwanted callers waste any more of your time. YouMail will keep them from bothering you so you can stay on track and get down to business!