Today is a great day for YouMail and for our over 6.5 million registered users.  We just completed our $5.5 million Series B round.





Our goal with the new money we’ve raised is simple: take YouMail to the next level by growing our user base and making our services sing.

Over the past year you’ve told us what you love about YouMail, as well as a long list of ways you would like to see YouMail improve.

We’ve been listening – and we’ve been dying to improve YouMail faster.

Now we can.   In the short term, you’ll notice several things:

  • Much better support.   We’re rapidly expanding our customer support team.   If you are a paid user with an issue, our goal is to address it and have you on your way in minutes.
  • Much faster improvements.   We’ve more than doubled the size of our development team – adding software developers, product management, user interface design expertise, and more software testers.   We’re moving very quickly to make our apps look better, work more reliably, and make our only-on-YouMail features more robust.

We know you’re busy and that having an automated assistant to handle your phone calls is a critical need for you and often your business.

Everyone at YouMail is working hard to make that assistant get a little better every single day.

Don’t hesitate to let us know how we’re doing!