This week, we are shining light on our many features that are perfect for expanding the growth of your Realty firm and helping you get more leads.

Efficiently handle your clients’ calls even when you’re on a viewing with a different client.

As a realtor, you are often out on house viewings with clients and unable to take the calls of your other clients. With YouMail Smart Greeting, we make sure those missed callers are still treated professionally by greeting them by name. Even though you missed their call, clients will understand you appreciate their business and keep coming back for more.

Stop losing leads!

Studies show that phone based leads drop within the first 5 minutes of missing a call. With all of the voicemails piling up in your phone, it’s easy to forget to call back a potential client until it’s too late. With YouMail Auto Reply, send out an automatic text or email to missed callers with your alternative contact info, such as a website link or email, along with your custom away message letting them know when you’ll be available again. Callers will appreciate the professionalism of your voicemail and be more inclined to further contact you if they know exactly when and how to reach you.

Access your voicemail messages during meetings without having to listen to your voicemail.

If you’re in a meeting but you get a notification that a client has left you a message, don’t wait until the meeting is over to get to your voicemail. YouMail voice-to-text gives you the ability to read your voicemails as text transcriptions from your phone, tablet, or computer. Now you can read your voicemails instead of have to listen to them and get to your messages faster.

Our goal at YouMail is to manage your phone calls for you so that you have more time to focus on improving the productivity of your business. Our time saving features are specifically designed to give you the best options to work efficiently and easily produce the results you want to see. Transform your realty into a reliable and trustworthy firm that your loyal clients will recommend to all of their friends.