Nobody likes it when their calls go to voicemail – especially when standard voicemail greetings are impersonal and barely ever listened to in their full extent. But our Custom Greetings are sure to give your missed callers a voicemail greeting they will actually appreciate and enjoy.

Why are our Custom Greetings so great?

  • With a library of thousands of different voicemail greetings to choose from, we give you the ability to choose a special greeting for every person in your contacts!
  • Mom and grandma can have a heartfelt greeting, your friends might hear something more comical, and your coworkers will always be greeted professionally.
  • Our thousands of user uploaded greetings are categorized by theme from Funny Greetings to Sports Greetings so you’re sure to find one that each one of your contacts can enjoy.
  • Feel inspired to create your own greeting? You’re always welcome to upload your own audio file to the Community to be used by yourself and others as a custom voicemail greeting.
  • Thanks to Custom Greetings, you can also record a personal greeting directly through the YouMail app to add a personal touch for a specific contact.

Say goodbye to your boring voicemail tone and spice it up with one (or several!) of our custom tones instead!