This week, we’re highlighting some of YouMail’s features that you might have forgotten about!

While YouMail offers a wide range of specialized features to help you manage your calls more efficiently, some of our most helpful tools are also the simplest. Below is a list of our favorite hidden gems that come with creating a YouMail account!

Did you know? 

  • YouMail will automatically clean out your inbox for you. We’ll move your oldest voicemails to the trash if your inbox gets full OR automatically delete your messages older than 30 days. Never deal with a full inbox ever again!
  • You can sort through your voicemails by creating folders in your inbox. Just like with emails, YouMail gives you the ability to separate voicemail messages into your own personal categories to make it easier to search for messages from specific contacts.
  • You can access your voicemails from your laptop or desktop computer! By visiting your YouMail account on your web browser, you can view and listen to your voicemails as well as change or update your account settings.

We want to help you make the most of YouMail – so keep these great features in mind next time you need to clean out or organize your inbox!