This week’s blog post is focusing on ways YouMail can help you take care of your clients in the most professional and efficient way. With these features, you not only save time and get business done faster, but you ensure that your clients are always treated with the personalized care that they need.

Our favorite client care features include:

  • Smart Greeting, a personalized voicemail greeting that greets your clients by name and lets them know you care about their business
  • Status Greeting, which lets your incoming callers know you are currently with a client and will get back to them later. This way, callers know exactly when you’ll be available to call them back and speed up the communication process even though you can’t answer the phone
  • Auto-Reply, an automated text or email sent out to your missed callers including your custom away message and a link to your website and email address for alternative ways on how to reach you.
  • Live-Connect, allows clients to be redirected to your assistant or a coworker to quickly take care of their needs when you are not available.

These easy to use features can improve your client care and the overall image of your company. Even when you are not available to help your callers right away, they are handled with a personal touch so they know how valuable they are to you.