Communicating well and promptly with your clients is an important part of your business. When you focus all of your business strategies on advertisements or optimizing sales, the task of effectively communicating with your customers can get left in the dust.

Effective communication includes the following:

  • Returning calls within the hour
  • Responding to voicemails promptly
  • Keeping other members of your team on the same page
  • Making sure interactions are professional

At YouMail, our main focus is to take control of your missed calls and voicemails so there’s no hassle to get to your messages and you maintain a positive relationship with your clients even when you’re not able to answer their call.

We help manage your phone calls and voicemails by…

  • Making sure all callers are greeted professionally
  • Giving you tools to forward voicemails to other members of your team automatically
  • Transcribing your voicemails so that it’s easier for you to get the gist of your messages and respond quickly
  • Sending your missed callers a text or email on your behalf to let them know you received their missed call and will return it when you are next available
  • Sending you push notifications of your missed calls and voicemails so it’s easier to notice when there is a call you need to return

These are just a few of the ways YouMail can transform your voicemail system into a versatile tool to help you take care of your business’s communications. For all of our call managing features, visit us here.