YouMail does more than keep your messages organized. Just like a personal assistant, we take care of your voicemails for you to free up your time and availability to focus on more important things like planning meetings and making sales.

Here are some of the helpful ways your YouMail personal assistant can do more than take your messages:

  • Just like an assistant, YouMail will greet your callers by name when they reach your voicemail to add a personal touch for your clients. With YouMail Business callers will be greeted by their name, your full name, and your company name.
  • A personal assistant takes down notes for you from your missed callers. YouMail transcribes your voicemail into text that you can easily read without having to listen to your message.
  • We also automatically get in touch with your missed callers for you. Missed callers will be instantly texted with your custom away message and linked to your email address and website.
  • With a status greeting, YouMail will let your callers know as soon as they reach your voicemail why you are busy and when you will next be available.

While these are great tools that YouMail does for you, just like an assistant would, we also offer many ways that you can interactively manage your voicemails the way you want to. To explore the different ways you can save, share, forward, and customize your voicemails, check out all of our features on the web!