This week, we’re giving you the general run down of YouMail and how it works to save you time and take care of your calls!

YouMail replaces your carrier’s voicemail with something better

When you sign up with YouMail, we have you dial a code in order to activate our services. By doing this, you are setting up your conditional call forwarding. This means when your line is busy, unanswered, or unreachable your unanswered calls forward to YouMail instead of your carrier’s voicemail. Instead of callers hearing your standard voicemail greeting, they will hear YouMail’s smart greeting that greets the caller by name, like this: “Hi Jill! John can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave a message.” You’ll then be able to easily view your voicemails directly through the YouMail app!

YouMail is a timesaving tool

We offer you tons of great features to save you time listening to voicemail and responding back to callers. With YouMail’s voice-to-text feature, your voicemail will instantly be transcribed so you can save time by read your messages in the app instead of having to listen to all of them. With YouMail, you can also save voicemails, forward them by email, and even automatically respond to missed callers with YouMail’s auto-reply! You even have access to your voicemails from any device – on your phone, tablet or laptop allowing you to check your voicemail whenever, wherever.