Happy Monday YouMail users! Let’s kick the week off with some tips for improving productivity. In the digital age of smartphones, tablets, and even smart watches, it’s a great time to learn which apps can help you keep focused on work instead of distract you.

Here’s a few apps we’ve compiled that work great with YouMail and can help you stay up to speed with your busy day.

  1. Freedom – Freedom is an app that keeps you in the zone by turning off all of your notifications to make sure you don’t get distracted by any incoming calls, texts, or alerts. Use YouMail’s Auto Reply feature in addition to Freedom to make sure your callers don’t think you’re ignoring them. Auto Reply will send out an automatic text or email to any missed caller with a custom message letting them know why you could not answer the phone and when you will next be available.
  2. Mailbox – Mailbox syncs your emails in one place and supercharges it to be more helpful to you. It makes your emails easier to read and easier to manage. YouMail can send all of your voicemails to your email inbox so that you can keep track of multiple communications in the same place. Keep track of your voicemails and missed calls like they’re emails and use Mailbox to help you organize them.
  3. Slack – This app lets you organize meetings more simply. With YouMail and Slack working together you can make sure your meetings always go as planned. Use YouMail’s forwarding feature to forward important voicemails to attendees and keep everyone on the same page of when and where the meeting is – even if someone makes last minute changes.

YouMail is great for managing phone calls and taking care of missed calls faster than your normal, standard voicemail. Couple YouMail with these other apps to make your day go by as smoothly and productively as possible.