It’s time for voicemail to be upgraded to fit in with the 21st century. Your carrier voicemail does nothing but collect your voicemails and leave them in your inbox to collect dust. Carrier voicemail services are outdated in this modern age of multitasking and speedy communications.

YouMail is taking voicemail into the new age and providing you with a voicemail service that does so much more than just take your voicemail messages. With YouMail, you can reply to missed calls faster, store voicemails more conveniently, and give callers a better experience.

Let’s break it down even more…

  1. Voice to Text: Voice to Text is a paid subscription but it’s worth it. Imagine how much time you could save if you never listened to another voicemail ever again. Voice to Text transcribes all of your voicemails into text messages that you can read quickly. No more wasted time over lengthy voicemails. Receive your voicemail through text and email so even if you are away from your phone you get your messages and can respond back to the caller faster.
  2. Store voicemails more conveniently: Since YouMail keeps track of your voicemails through your phone, tablet, or computer through your account online, you can reach your voicemail anywhere! Arrange your voicemail inbox the way you want. Create different folders and save audio files of your voicemails to your computer for safe keeping.
  3. Custom greetings: YouMail greets your callers by name. That’s right, the next time your friend’s call reaches your voicemail, they’ll be greeted by their name! You can also pick a specific greeting for individual contacts from our library of thousands to choose from.

Your carrier voicemail can only do so much, and by that, we mean they can’t do much at all. If you’re tired of voicemails piling up and not seeing important voicemails, give YouMail a try. Our voicemail service is ready for the new age of communication.