Hey YouMail users! Ever get a really great voicemail that you just want to replay over and over again? Well, don’t ever worry about deleting those great voicemails to make space in your inbox for new ones because with YouMail, you get tons of great ways to save your favorite voicemails… FOREVER.

Yep, we know. That’s pretty awesome. Here are some of the ways you can save voicemails for as long as you want with YouMail.

  1. You get a larger inbox size. With a free account, you get to store up to 100 voicemails. And if that’s not enough, you can store up to 500 with a Premium account and 10,000 with a Business account.
  2. You can save voicemails to your computer. Since you can access all of your voicemails from your YouMail account on the web, you can easily save your favorite voicemails as audio files and keep them on your computer forever! Just go to your inbox through your online account at www.youmail.com. Click on the voicemail you want to save and in the bottom right corner of the message, next to “Share,” select the fourth icon that is shaped like a floppy disk to save the message to your computer.
  3. You can choose when YouMail deletes your messages. In your settings, we give you the option to either delete voicemails automatically after 30 days, after your inbox is full, or never. So you can always know that your voicemails won’t be touched unless you remove them yourself.

We know it’s important to hold on to the best voicemails you receive. Whether they’re funny voicemails from your friends, cute voicemails from your kids, or sweet messages from your significant other – we make sure you can hold onto them for as long as you like. Try out these great tips today and happy voicemail saving!